School Director - Melissa McGonegle

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Melissa McGonegle

…is an educator with over fifteen years of experience, including ten years teaching at or leading high performing schools serving a majority of low-income English Language Learners. She has experience teaching grades one through five and achieving significant gains with students, especially in reading.

Ms. McGonegle founded the second school in the California-based Rocketship network and led it to being identified as the highest performing new school in California in the 2009-2010 school year (out of 91 total schools), and number 15 statewide for schools serving significant populations of low-income students.

She has coached school leaders across the Schools That Can Milwaukee network, and has helped them develop or refine their approach to data-driven early literacy programs.

Most recently, Ms. McGonegle was selected as a Fellow with Building Excellent Schools, a highly selective national Fellowship that trains school leaders to design, found, lead, and sustain charter schools in high-need urban neighborhoods around the country.

Ms. McGonegle holds a BS from Northwestern University in Social Policy and both administrative and teaching certifications in California and Wisconsin.